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Creating Smarter Forms Using Geolocation

Geolocation can be used to pre-select a country from a drop-down menu

Every country in the world, and the U.S. is near the bottom of the list. We could use geolocation to pre-select it for U.S. users.

I was filling out a form online recently, and one of the questions was “country.” As I scrolled through a seemingly endless drop-down list—one that contained every country in the world—I lamented aloud that “United States” wasn’t right at the top. That’s when it hit me: We have reasonably accurate IP-based geolocation services available, so why not attempt to figure out where the user is, and then use our best-guess to pre-select that item in the list? A quick proof-of-concept shows that there’s no reason not to.

The What and How of Geolocation

I’m sure ...

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How to Show Empty Search Results on WordPress

WordPress Logo

WordPress Logo (Photo credit: Phil Oakley)

When one of your users submits an empty search (that is, they click submit without entering anything in the text field), the default behavior for WordPress is to redirect to the home page, and no indication is given that there was a problem with the search. Unfortunately, this is not a user-friendly thing to do. How can we fix this?

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